Per Folder vSphere-vCheck Reporting

Check out vCheck if you haven’t already. It’s makes finding and correcting issues in a vSphere environment much easier.

The script inspects the assets controlled by one vCenter server. I found a way to break down the reporting to the folder level. This is useful when you have a development team lead that needs to keep resources under control.

Run “vCheck-vSphere/Select-Plugins.ps1” and only select the plugins that your group administrator will care about. I limited the plugins to VM issues.

Edit the script: “vCheck-vSphere/Plugins/00 Initialize/00 Connection Plugin for vCenter.ps1″

Around line 202 there is the cmdlet that pulls back all the VMs. You can limit the pull to a single folder, resource pool, or even datastore here. I limited it by folder and used ID just in case there were duplicate names.

$VM = Get-VM | Sort-Object Name

#per folder example
$VM = get-folder -id Folder-group-v1,Folder-group-v2,Folder-group-v3 | Get-VM | Sort-Object Name

Big thanks to Alan Renouf and all the other vCheck contributors!


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