Per Folder vSphere-vCheck Reporting

Check out vCheck if you haven’t already. It’s makes finding and correcting issues in a vSphere environment much easier. The script inspects the assets controlled by one vCenter server. I found a way to break down the reporting to the folder level. This is useful when you have a development team lead that needs to […]

Evacuate Datastore Script When Migrating to a New SAN

One of the coolest features of VMware’s DRS is that you can place a host in maintenance mode, and VMs will just start vMotioning over to other hosts. It makes maintenance a breeze. I assumed this same functionality would exist when you place a Datastore in maintenance mode, but nope. No dice. Here’s a script […]

Batch Update vSphere tags with Rubrik SLA Info

Batch Update vSphere tags with Rubrik SLA Info Guess I should start with why. This was written so VM owners can check what types of backups they should expect. This avoids adding a ton of people as rubrik users. First install the community supported Rubrik Powershell module. Run powershell.exe Install-Module -Name Rubrik -Scope CurrentUser Get […]