VMware View Windows 7 Optimization Experience

If you are using View then you should look at this fabulous document VMware’s Windows 7 Optimization Guide

I chose the traditional install of Windows 7, because our company image of Windows 7 was created by someone else and I am just throwing it into View for a couple specific purposes.

Make sure to run the script with a “>>c:\result.txt” on the end because it’s long and you want to capture any messages. I had 2 failures. I was not able to purge the Volume shadow copies because the script turned it off before it tried to purge.

The Fix I ran:
Powershell Set-Service 'VSS' -startuptype "manual"
vssadmin delete shadows /All
Powershell Set-Service 'VSS' -startuptype "disabled"

It didn’t actually do anything because this is a fresh install… but hey that’s okay.

The other failure was disabling a Windows Defender service which wasn’t installed.

Also be sure to read through what you are doing because company policy may prevent you from implementing some of the guide such as:
netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off — Not always the best idea to turn off the windows firewall

And of course make sure your GPOs are not conflicting and the best case scenario is this is applied through GPO so it is easily repeated and enforced.

Good luck!


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