Is vCLI and PowerCLI the same?

Question: Is vCLI and PowerCLI the same?

Answer: No, Auto Deploy requires PowerShell, VUM requires PowerShell. There’s a lot of great completed work around PowerShell/PowerCLI/PowerGUI. vCLI is good for ESXi.

Here’s some interesting PowerGUI links:

Lab Manager
Not a lot here, but what do you expect on an EOL product

VMware vSphere Management
Ton of stuff including a best practice analyzer

VMware Community PowerPack (Previously Virtu-Al.Net PowerPack)
Bunch of powerful PowerCLI scripts

Image Builder & Auto Deploy Powerpack
Everything you need to setup auto deploy

And a really cool PowerShell Script to setup Cisco UCS hosts and Auto Deploy:

Cisco UCS and VMware Integration
Cisco UCS and Auto Deploy Powershell setup. Nearly end to end… I’m amazed

The take away is:
1. Alan Renouf is amazing. The other guy to watch is William Lam on the scripting side.
2. PowerShell, PowerCLI, and the other vendors that support PowerShell are doing some incredible things.
3. In PowerGUI, if you click it, you just ran it. Be careful and open the script tab and read the scripts to find out what they do before you ever connect to vCenter, and of course test in your test environment.


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