vRanger 5.2.3 Fails to Backup Itself, Working as Intended

UPDATE: vRanger 5.3 which is in beta will fix this issue.

I’m nearly done with the transition to vRanger 5.2.3 from 5.0. However, I got an interesting error message when backing up the VM that vRanger is installed on.

An internal error occurred during execution, please contact Vizioncore support if the error persists. Error Message: One or more disks from virtual machine "VRANGER-VM" is already mounted to the vRanger virtual machine. You must unmount these disks before attempting to backup the virtual machine.

A quick google landed me on Solution SOL77134 which said you straight up can’t backup the vRanger VM with vRanger. This was hammered home when I found Backup or Replication of vRanger VM in version 5.2 on the Quest vRanger Forum.

I tried globally disabling hotadd, but it didn’t work. Pretty disappointing. The Quest answer is to have a different vRanger VM that backs up the other vRanger. The guy on the forum’s answer is to replicate the machine and then backup the replicated VM. None of these are very promising solutions. I hope there is a better way.


2 thoughts on “vRanger 5.2.3 Fails to Backup Itself, Working as Intended

  1. Hi Greg,

    In vRanger 5.3, which is now in beta, vRanager can back itself up when not using hotadd. Pleas e email me and I’d be happy to set you up.

    – Sheldon

    1. Thank you for commenting Sheldon. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and the offer to let my try out 5.3. However, I’d prefer to use workarounds instead of new features in a production environment. I prefer the devil I know to the devil I don’t know. I’ll update the main post with the information you provided.

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