VMware View + vSphere 5 Licensing and Improvements

I just talked about this on the VMTN and decided to share it here.

VMware View + vSphere 5 licensing info (in short, VDI licensing doesn’t change):

VMware vSphere Desktop FAQ.pdf

Also from a doc that my sales rep sent me (Makes it so linked clone provisioning doesn’t hammer your shared storage as much):

Content-Based Read Cache. A content-based reach cache (CBRC) has been delivered for specific use with View (VDI) workloads. With this option configured in ESX, a read cache is constructed in memory optimized for recognizing, handling, and deduplicating VDI client images. The cache is managed from within the View Composer and delivers a significant reduction, as high as 90% by early estimates, in IOPS from each ESX host to the storage platform holding client images. This reduction in IOPS enables large scaling of the number of clients in case multiple I/O storms, typical in large VDI deployments, occur.

But what I thought was the most interesting addition was (also from my sales rep’s doc):

Solution Installation and Management. The Solution Manager provides a consistent interface to configure and monitor vCenter-integrated solutions developed by VMware and third parties. It provides a simpler installation, configuration, and monitoring interface for managing solutions. Using the new vSphere Agent Manager, you can deploy, update, and monitor vSphere agents on ESXi hosts. vSphere agents inter-operate efficiently with other vSphere features such as maintenance mode and distributed power management.

Thank you virtualfuture.info for the View licensing link.


4 thoughts on “VMware View + vSphere 5 Licensing and Improvements

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