Powershellin’ PowerCLI and Microsoft Style Self-deprecation

“Wow; how nice. A new command shell and scripting environment that doesn’t even let you run scripts. What will those guys at Microsoft think of next?”
From Technet Library – Running Windows PowerShell Scripts

Microsoft’s documentation making fun of itself? To be fair to the author this article is incredibly readable and breaks down a difficult subject with humor and simplicity.

I’ve been Powershellin’ a little lately. Almost done with a cool powershell/PowerCLI script will apply all VM Snapshots, take a new snapshot, and then recompose with the just taken snapshot. The rub is on the final part which must be run from the View connection server as a limitation of View. Silly View.

Scripting is incredibly fun. I should have been using scripts way more. Ah well, you live and you learn.


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