About to Make a Big Change? Ask Why! Analyze the Risks.

I was about to schedule down time to upgrade labmanager from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3. This would require:

1. Undeploy all configurations, Turning off all test/dev VMs.
2. Upgrade vCenter
3. Upgrade Lab Manager server to 4.0.3
4. Unprepare a host, upgrade hosts to 4.1, prepare host… repeat for all hosts
4. Upgrade Lab Manager agents on all Hosts
5. Redeployed configurations

This is a huge time commitment and a huge chunk of downtime, and for what? The resolved issue list is very very short. Thank goodness my colleague Troy stopped me and had me think about what I was about to do. Question everything you are doing. Don’t do something just because other people are.

Don’t practice server administration in the same way this guy likes to dance. You need to be precise and confident of your actions (although, that dude is certainly confident). What’s even worse then flailing around in your actions is being the person that runs in and copies another person’s crazy flailings.


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