Free VMware learning!

If you are like me and you looked at the price for VMware/EMC training and nearly had a heart attack, cheer up there is hope. Here are links to online resources that are free and very informative. There is some marketing fluff that you will need to avoid, but overall there is some good stuff here.

VMworld casts, previous year and select current year casts are free with registration

Recorded VMware Webcasts (and live)

EMC Webcasts, they have a lot of virtualization casts

VMware Communities Roundtable – Podcast

RTFM Education Blog

Scott Lowe’s VMware Blog


2 thoughts on “Free VMware learning!

    1. My employer let me go to Troubleshooting 4.x when it was on a hot seat discount of 30% off. I wrote up a business use case to prove that the training would be a good thing.

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