Some AWS Scripts to Deploy and Test Code

Here’s some scripts I’ve made recently. I updated the Jenkins plugin for CodeDeploy. It feels good to contribute to open source. App Update A PowerShell script to move code, commit code, deploy code, and test code in AWS. The software uses Windows Task Scheduler which was was a long, annoying and manual process before I […]

Use PowerShell to Move, Delete and Measure Outlook Emails

I know and like PowerShell. You know the old adage, when you have a hammer, hit outlook with the hammer. ##### Connect to outlook $Outlook = New-Object -ComObject Outlook.Application #### # Old inbox to PST archive $EmailToMove = $Outlook.Session.Folders.Item(1).Folders.Item(“Inbox”).Items | Where-Object SentOn -le (Get-date).AddDays(-30) $EmailToMove | ft SentOn, Subject, SenderName, To, Sensitivity -AutoSize -Wrap $ArchiveFolder […]

Per Folder vSphere-vCheck Reporting

Check out vCheck if you haven’t already. It’s makes finding and correcting issues in a vSphere environment much easier. The script inspects the assets controlled by one vCenter server. I found a way to break down the reporting to the folder level. This is useful when you have a development team lead that needs to […]

Evacuate Datastore Script When Migrating to a New SAN

One of the coolest features of VMware’s DRS is that you can place a host in maintenance mode, and VMs will just start vMotioning over to other hosts. It makes maintenance a breeze. I assumed this same functionality would exist when you place a Datastore in maintenance mode, but nope. No dice. Here’s a script […]

Batch Update vSphere tags with Rubrik SLA Info

Batch Update vSphere tags with Rubrik SLA Info Guess I should start with why. This was written so VM owners can check what types of backups they should expect. This avoids adding a ton of people as rubrik users. First install the community supported Rubrik Powershell module. Run powershell.exe Install-Module -Name Rubrik -Scope CurrentUser Get […]

Batch check SSL Certificates on CentOS

Hello all, I’ve moved to management and don’t get to do the fun stuff as much, but recently I got to script a SSL check as we didn’t have engineering resources to complete the task. Yay! WARNING: Do not copy/paste code from websites. Sites can inject funny stuff into lines that you cannot see. Single […]

What is this laptop anyway?

Have you had to rip a battery out of a laptop just so you could enter a serial or product number into a support website? If you have, this command is for you: wmic csproduct list full Enjoy! Thank you to /r/sysadmin.

Dude, where’s my vxlan?

Strange stuff happens when you go over 1000 IGMP snooping group on a UCS fabric interconnect. Cisco UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnect supports up to 1000 IGMP snooping groups and Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnect supports up to 4000 IGMP snooping groups. Here’s how to check if you’ve taken your vxlan to the limit […]